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About Commonwealth

Commonwealth Funeral Service is a branch of Suburban & Seven Rivers Removal & Transport Service. Together we offer a unique set of services to the funeral industry. We are not only one of the largest Removal/Transport services in Virginia but also one of the largest trade services, offering embalming & funeral license coverage all over Eastern Virginia. In 1989, we began serving as an elite Removal and Transportation Service in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Fast forward to 2012 our service went from solely transports to offering embalming and funeral director license coverage to all our local funeral firms and out of town firms. In 2016, our service expanded again with another branch in Richmond, Virginia. With all the demand across Eastern and Central Virginia, in 2018 we decided to start building a State of the Art Mortuary Service in Richmond, Virginia so that we could handle ship-outs, ship-ins, embalming and storage cases. We are now open and have the opportunity to serve our firms at our facility or theirs. 

Our Heritage


We pride ourselves on being family owned and operated since 1989 and offering the highest quality trade work to the Death Care Industry. Our mission is excellence in every aspect of our operation and to glorify GOD in everything we do.  

Our Staff


The heart and soul of our business is our staff. Staff members are professional, respectful, well trained and detail oriented.


We pride ourselves on being family owned and operated, even the staff that is not blood is still part of our family.

Our staff is always dressed in professional business attire.

Our Facilities


Centrally located in Richmond, VA Commonwealth Funeral Service has the ability to service the entire State of Virginia. 

Commonwealth offers a 5000 sq. ft. commercial flex space that has been retrofitted into a state of the art prep/care facility. With multiple prep stations and a large storage capacity of 50+ Deceased. 


Our Fleet 


Our fleet consist of 10 late model mini-vans that are spread out through 3 main regions:


Hampton Roads

The Piedmont

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